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Binman Fired Over Kicking The Head Off A Snowman

Posted by Louis Derry on

The worlds a strange place at the moment, people are penned up with nothing to do but moan on social media. When the news story first dropped about a Hereford Binman being fired for kicking a snowman's head off, we were quite shocked. For us, life's too short you've got to have fun, we don't tend to take things too seriously. Hopefully you get those vibes from the majority of our designs. Yeah kicking the head off a snowman is a bit mean, but being sacked from a key worker job, that is ridiculous. 

It was a classic Sun article designed to split peoples opinions and make the people argue. As a 25 thousand people petition grew we knew it was time for an illustrative spin on things.. 

In a parallel universe, what if the binman had actually grown up, seeing his childhood hero round house kick a snowman? Enter Chuck Norris, a man who's power kicks are renowned for obliterating the opponent. I mean, there's always two sides to a story, right? Maybe the binman has some deep penned up anger, similar to the Sun reading, curtain twitching, neighborhood watch cream carpet brigade. 

Long story short we sent our illustration to the binman, turns out he does like karate, he's actually quite young himself. Luckily, he has a good sense of humor as he shared our illustration. 

Binman fired for kicking snowmans head off.

Cheers Callum.