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Not On The West End feature

Posted by Louis Derry on

In case you missed it, we had a little take over of the Not On the West End Instagram, Facebook and a great little feature up on their website too.

If you didn't already know we have not been in the t-shirt biz all that long Buy Something Please was born during lockdown and has been keeping us sane and occupied ever since we started it.



What you might not know is what we were up to before so here is the little blurb that went along with our feature over on Not On The West End:


Buy Something Please was the direct result of months twiddling our thumbs during lockdown. Created as a means to keep us entertained we decided to go about combining our shared passion for comedy and design.

When all the theatres had to close their doors I was working as head of the Mask and Puppets for the Lion King UK tour, at its Scottish stop the Edinburgh Playhouse. Even if I wasn't working in a theatre environment it would be in other events industries including festivals; with puppets and large scale costumes at the forefront, so my back-up hasn't even been possible either of course.

So moving onto a boat with my partner has meant I've not had the space to create the usual, so I've been focusing on my other love and that's drawing. Louis would come up with ideas for various of his ventures including a comedy he's been writing and satirical removal page. Eventually we got round to the idea of creating some of the illustrations on t-shirts, and hey presto, was born!

We started with t-shirts and prints but have since started expanding what we create but with the same humour and bold style of illustration.


On Not On The West End You will find a curated directory of small businesses. Every one of them is helmed by someone who usually makes their living from working in UK theatre, but has been forced to use their talents in other ways whilst theatres are closed because of the pandemic. They have been doing wonderful things for so many, lending a helping hand to new businesses and promoting them using all their platforms, we really appreciate that they have let us jump aboard and join them on the journey too.

You should go check out what they are up to over on their site or even better go give them a follow on instagram they update their posts each day with new featured sellers from the industry many great independent and small business to discover: