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On The Move Removals - Storage Center Toilet Reviews-

Posted by Louis Derry on

This week On The Move Removals have been at it again.
Access Storage - Bristol, Ashton Gate
My local watering hole. Simply dial a code into the touchpad, and you've made it through to heavens gates. On a winters day the warm, embracing air will hit you like a cuddle from a loved one. The long walk from the dual loading bay, to the toilet, let's you know your about to be marooned on a desert island where only you can poop, In peace and harmony.
As you walk along the corridors, royalty-free music plays in the background, it's soothing failed Coldplay ambiance slips you into a dream-like state. On rare occasion there is a man moving audio equipment around an airy locker, try to look forward, a look in the eye will most likely ruin the experience but rest assure the corridor is long enough to mask the sound of your weary bowels.
The door is positioned on your left-hand side, like a glowing cabin in the woods or a perfectly placed janitors cupboard, it awaits you.
Open the freshly sprung disabled door to reveal its full glory. It's clean, cleaner than a surgical theatre in fact! The impeccable fittings glimmer like stars on a clear night. Quilted toilet paper awaits you, the seat always warm as if God himself had been nursing it for you.
There’s a toilet brush situated to the right-hand side, this is the kind of toilet that even the hardiest of men will keep clean, a shining example of the achievements possible In life.
Storage Center Toilet
A soapy frolic and just like that it's over, you shut the door. 5*