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Kids Chuckle Devision Tee

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Here it is the Kids version!

After year's of painstaking intensive research and meticulous exploration it's finally here. Our world renowned scienctists have been busy creating what can only be described as as "the ultimate t-shirt". With a true vision for the future we spliced a traditional dated hipster Joy Division cover with the chuckle brothers.

Business Insider - "B.S.P are taking us into astral planes that we didn't realise are possible to visit"

Fichard Branson - "From the minute this idea, landed on my desk we put everything aside - 20 million in research well spent."

Wivienne Vestwood - "You won't find this this in the Topman bargain bin Darling."


Available to order in Black organic cotton tees, printing with eco ink locally to us in Bristol.

Available in sizes: 3-4Yrs, 5-6Yrs, 7-8Yrs, 9-11Yrs and 12-14Yrs